Water Damage Effects on Linoleum Flooring

Posted: 09/27/10

When torrential rains or busted water pipes flood a house, homeowners are at a loss. Most people do not know how to deal effectively with a flooded home. Some things in a water-damaged home are not salvageable. However, linoleum is not one of them if handled in the proper manner. That is why many people hire a restoration company to clean up after a floor has been flooded.

Wiping the water from linoleum is simply not sufficient. Linoleum will stain if exposed to water for a long period. The linoleum needs removed quickly and thoroughly dried to salvage it. That is only the beginning step. The sub floor has to completely dry as well. The sub floor is the foundation for the linoleum, so it is vital that that it be done right.

The sub floor requires quick and thorough drying, or the homeowner will experience problems in the future. If linoleum lies on a damp sub floor, mold will grow in the moist environment between the two. It may take a little longer, but if the sub floor is anything other than concrete, it will begin to rot. The homeowner may never see the mold or rot until it is too late to do anything but replace the entire sub floor and linoleum.

One advantage to hiring a restoration company is they have the equipment needed to dry the floor as quickly as possible. A restoration company will remove and salvage the linoleum by using big fans and vacuums. Fans and vacuums brought into the home will thoroughly dry the sub floors. When the floor is completely dry, the salvaged linoleum can be re-laid. Since the floor is dry, no mold or rot will exist between the linoleum and the sub floor.

The majority of insurance companies will pay, or partially pay, for the cost of a restoration company. It will depend on each individual insurance policy and coverage. It is more cost effective, for an insurance company to pay to have everything dried thoroughly, than the replacement cost of linoleum and sub floor later.

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