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The Problem of Mold

Mold in your home may cause a variety of problems, from simple odor issues to serious lung infections in the immunocompromised. Even the healthiest person can suffer from mold exposure, which can cause irritation of sensitive areas like the eyes, nose, and throat, and even the lungs or skin.

People with allergies or asthma can experience reactions from itchy, watery eyes, sneezing and a runny nose, to rashes, shortness of breath, and asthma attacks.mold_abatement_south_florida

Problems worsen for infants and children, those with compromised immune systems, and anyone with chronic lung disease. The CDC reports that mold exposure may even increase a child’s risk for developing asthma.

Mold can enter your home through any opening, from an open door to an air vent. It grows best in damp areas. You will be most likely to experience mold growth where there has been flooding, in high moisture areas like bathroom, and leaky areas around pipes or windows.

You may see mold in open areas. It is typically spotty, and can be black, green, or orange. It can even be white or purple. Mold can also hide in hidden places like carpet, drywall, and insulation… even upholstery! A musty smell may also indicate the presence of mold.

It is not necessary to fret and worry about moldthough. It is not even necessary to do routine checks for mold in your home. However, if you see mold or are experiencing health problems that could be a result of mold, call Super Restoration at 800-516-8059 to schedule your free evaluation.


What to Expect

Your response team of mold remediation specialists will determine if you have mold, and where the problem originates. Once your report is ready,mold_removal_miami a team member will discuss it with you. You will also receive an accurate cost estimate and project timeline.

Upon your authorization, the team will set to work right away. You will receive 24 hour web access to your case file so you will be updated every step of the way. You will also receive an itemized inventory of everything in the affected area. The area will be secured for the protection of you and your family. And of course, if you ever have any questions, all you have to do is call.


Mold Remediation

The removal of mold in an indoor environment must be performed professionally by a state licensed mold remediation professional. Super Restoration specializes in remediation of building materials, mechanical systems, ductwork, contents, documents and more.

mold_expert_miamiMold remediation services can include containment of critically affected and unaffected areas, air filtration for airborne spore removal and cross contamination prevention, mold impacted material removal and detailed micro-cleaning of affected areas or zones.

It is vital to any successful remediation project that a post confirmation/clearance test be performed by an independent mold assessment firm. This independent mold assessment is the reassurance that the project was successfully completed and that a safe indoor space is ready to reoccupy.

Buyer Beware: The State of Florida has passed laws for licensing mold assessment and mold remediation services. These regulations are in place to protect the residents of the State of Florida. The laws include specific requirements, preventing mold remediation companies from providing remediation proposals without an independent assessment report, and preventing remediation contractors from benefiting financially related to their own exaggerated assessments. Call us now at 800-516-8059 for more information.



Mold Remediation Steps

Critical barriers and containment

Based on the mold assessment report, critical barriers are installed to separate and isolate the affected areas from unaffected areas. Mold spores during remediation can travel easily and cause unintended damages and contamination to other areas.

Air Filtration

HEPA air filtration devices are installed inside and sometimes outside of contained areas with two goals in mind. The first goal of air filtration is to reduce the elevated mold spore conditions to a normal indoor condition. The second goal of air filtration is to capture any spores that may escape the contained work area.

Material removal

The need for mold remediation is typically triggered by visible damage to building materials such as drywall, flooring, cabinetry, insulation or mechanical systems. Mold assessment reports should provide clear instructions and initial recommendations for the location and quantity of material removal.


A successful remediation project includes not only removal of visible mold growth, but also at the microscopic level as well. Mold remediation technicians take careful considerations of all building and content surfaces to ensure excess settled mold spores have been effectively removed.