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Facility Tour

With over 45,000 square feet of protected storage and operational space Super Restoration is an industry leader in resources and facility organization.


We advise our clients, whether commercial or residential to visit our facility so you can see the SUPER difference. Our management team will walk you through the restoration process, state of the art equipment so you may acquaint yourself with the mitigation process and procedures.



  • Wi-Fi connectivity for employees and guests
  • Multiphase security system
  • 24 hour closed-circuit monitoring
  • Emergency Operations Command Center (E.O.C.C)


Training Center


  • 40 Seat Educational/Training Facility
  • Theater Quality Surround Sound
  • HD Projector
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for guests




  • 45,000 sq. Feet of operation and storage space
  • Multiphase security system
  • 24 hour closed-circuit monitoring
  • Fitness Facility for Employees and Guests
  • Video Production Area