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When an educational facility is suddenly damaged by unforeseen conditions, it is important that the right company is on the job! Super Restoration is prepared 24 hours per day to respond to emergencies with the goal of returning the learning environment back to pre-loss conditions.

Water_Extraction_UniversitySuper Restoration is experienced in working with K-12 learning centers, technical schools, colleges and universities. We understand the challenges involved with security, clear background checks, privacy concerns, clearance and more. We also understand the primary goal is to provide excellent education and the use of facilities is vital to positive results.

Studies show that poor indoor air quality adversely affects learning, test scores and attendance. Super Restoration can assist in providing assessment and remediation services to identify and/or remove indoor air contaminants. When faced with a chronic or sudden moisture event, allow Super Restoration to control the problem and propose a viable solution.

Water_Removal_SchoolWe are prepared to assist with the mitigation and timely rebuild as well as provide temporary solutions such as portable classroom and offices, temporary computer and IT equipment, projection capabilities, AV equipment as well as student and administrative desks. Super Restoration is the trusted name for restoring educational facilities.