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Document Restoration


Lost documents are more than ink and paper. They are legal victories, hours of hard work, an irreplaceable book, an original signature or collector’s item, important medical history and more….

Document_recovery_browardSuper Restoration understands the importance of the documents you have saved, use, cherish, and need. Damaged documents need immediate, yet careful, attention.

We have teams available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, to meet your critical time frames and deadlines.

Once you place the call to 800-516-8059, your dedicated project coordinator sets your specialized Super Restoration team in motion. Your initial consultation provides a no-obligation estimate and timeline. As soon as you approve the plans, our experts get to work.

Your restoration team begins by stabilizing damaged documents and preparing a plan of action. Items are inventoried, photographed, and prioritized. Documents needed to continue with normal business operations, for instance, are of utmost urgency.

Whether your documents are Medical, Legal, Library, Museum, Photograph, or Historical Originals, your Super Restoration team of experts is prepared to mitigate the damage and restore your important papers.

Super Restoration understands that potentially sensitive or confidential documents (such as Privacy Acts, and consent forms) must be treated with a great deal of care. Each team member works to properly mitigate damage and create a plan to restore your documents to their original condition.

Damage Mitigation

Drying_documents_South_FloridaDocuments damaged by water, mold or fire can pose immediate concerns resulting from suppression systems, flooding, plumbing supply lines, smoke and soot.

In some cases, it may be tempting to try drying or cleaning documents on your own in the hopes of saving money. In reality, unless you are trained and experienced in document restoration, you risk further damaging your documents. Improperly dried or cleaned documents can also contaminate other documents, causing a ripple effect of damage for years to come. In the end, this can increase your costs exponentially and possibly lead to the destruction of the documents you needed t
o preserve.

Super Restoration works with all insurance companies to prevent this from happening to you. Don’t delay or try to restore your items on your own. The cost is too high.

Available Services

Services include freezing, freeze drying, manual cleaning, reproduction, copying, rejacketing, boxing, storing and labeling.

  • Freezing: allows the proper time for your restoration specialists to determine the most effective treatment for your important documents while preventing continuing damage from occurring.Document_Restoration_Miami
  • Freeze drying: arrests water damage by solidifying and removing water before damage can spread or become permanent. Most documents professionally freeze dried within 24 hours of the incident can be restored. Sooner is better. When important documents are wet, seconds truly do matter.
  • Manual cleaning: the perfect balance of strength and gentleness in required. Like an open wound, a document too harshly scrubbed is subject to additional damage. Treated too gently, the underlying problems are not addressed and the damage worsens.
  • Reproduction: Some documents are more than just words on a page. The historical significance of certain documents can best be conveyed when the look and feel of the original is carried over to the copy.
  • Copying: available for copying a large number of letter- or legal-sized documents, or for any number of unusual sized documents not available from most office printers.
  • Rejacketing: A visually damaged or unappealing jacket can cause an important book or document to be overlooked during research for an important project. Rejacketing allows the cover to accurately portray the importance of the information contained within.
  • Boxing: You (and your staff) have more urgent issues to address than boxing your important documents for storage. Let the Super Restoration team do it for you, so you and your team can focus on keeping your business running.
  • Storing: Improper storage can allow damage to slowly overtake your important documents without your awareness. Super Restoration specializes in keeping documents safe and properly stored.
  • Labeling: another project you keep meaning to get around to, but there never enough time. We can do it for you so you can find what you need when you need it.


Document restoration steps

Prior to removal of any documents from a property, a thorough evaluation of documents is performed to establish proper methods and steps necessary to properly restore the document. Super Restoration will not remove any documents from a property that may not be restorable unless authorized by the client to attempt restoration.

A full and accurate inventory of all documents is taken to account for everything removed from the property. Super Restoration takes all measures to accommodate client requests, and therefore clients may arrange for on-site restoration services to uphold the integrity of existing privacy and security practices.
Packing and removal
Super Restoration document specialists will handle, pack and move documents to the document restoration facility. Great efforts are made to limit further damage to the documents during this process. Super Restoration adheres to strict protocols to protect your documents. If not handled correctly, documents may continue to deteriorate, de-laminate, unbind, bleed, shrink or warp. Super Restoration crews are trained to handle many types of materials and the challenges that each poses.

Upon arrival to the document restoration facility documents must be immediately stabilized while technicians prepare to execute restoration. Stabilization is an important part in restoration as it limits further damage while the tedious and potentially lengthy process of restoration commences. Super Restoration is equipped with fixed and mobile document freezing capabilities. These freezers allow for stabilization of documents impacted by water, humidity, moisture and/or mold.
The methods of restoration can vary depending on the type of document being restored. Books, newspapers, photographs and legal files may all have a different approach depending on the source and extent of damage. Super Restoration has trained specialists ready to assist when seconds matter.