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The problem with water damage is that it seeps in everywhere. It sneaks in behind walls, contaminates insulation, and hides from the naked eye. And then it sits there, allowing mold and Water_Damage_Help_Miamimicrobes to grow out of control… and out of sight.

And it does its damage fast.

After water damage in your home or other structure, you need to control humidity quickly to prevent even more problems from wreaking havoc on your building.

One quick call to 800-516-8059 will mobilize your Super Restoration team, stopping water damage – and any secondary damage – in its tracks.

Your Super Restoration team consists of personnel trained, certified, and experienced in water damage mitigation. Desiccant_Rental_OrlandoIn order to eliminate excess moisture in your home, these knowledgeable professionals will document the atmospheric conditions and appropriately adjust the temperature and relative humidity in your home, using today’s latest equipment and technology to ensure everything is properly dried.


State of the Art Equipment

Your Super Restoration team has access to the region’s largest supply of state-of-the-art Dehumidification equipment. Industrial air movers and dehumidifiers allow your team to quickly mitigate any water damage in your home.

Desiccant_Rental_FloridaOnce all retained water throughout your home has been mitigated… including those hard-to-reach areas… your Super Restoration team will use moisture meters to ensure the structure and materials of your home aren’t damaged. (If Mold Remediation is necessary, your Dedicated Project Coordinator will discuss it with you and create a plan of action to ensure your home is mold-free and safe for you and your family to enjoy.)

When your Super Restoration team leaves, you will have a Certificate of Dryness and peace of mind, knowing your home is dry, mold-free, and safe.