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Content Cleaning

When your home or business has been compromised by water, mold, fire, or even Biohazard concerns, you may need professional Content Restoration Content_Cleaning_Browardservices. You can trust Super Restoration to delicately restore all of your belongings. In almost all circumstances, we will return your contents to you at the same (or even better!) condition than before the incident*.

The degree of contamination and space available in the affected area will determine if the contents can be cleaned on site. If not and off-site cleaning is necessary, the Super Restoration team will “pack out” your contents for you.


Off-site Transport

Removal of impacted contents from the property is crucial. Removing the affected items from the impacted areas not only prevents further damage to those items, but also prevents cross contamination of unaffected contents.

Cotent_Cleaning_MiamiIt can be difficult to trust someone else with your important items or sentimental belongings. Each member of your Super Restoration team recognizes this, and treats your contents with as much care as you would. You can feel safe knowing the “pack out” process is thorough and secure, handled by people who care.

Highly trained and experienced Super Restoration professionals carefully identify which items need to be moved for restoration. All contents are photographed, inventoried, and thoughtfully packaged. They are then safely transported to the Super Restoration facility for cleaning.

Photographs of your contents, along with inventory lists of your items, are available to you anytime. Simply log in to your personalized web-based client file. Here, you can also view estimates, schedules, and real-time updates.

Electronics_restoration_MiamiAt the cleaning facility, Property Representatives will coordinate with your team to “Red Tag” high priority items. This ensures that your most important items or articles of clothing are returned first. Then, the rest of your affected contents are restored and returned.

If, at any time, you require an item to be retrieved or rushed, you will be allowed access to our facility. We understand that not having your belongings readily accessible during restoration is an inconvenience. It is important to us to protect and restore your memories and other valuables quickly and carefully so you can return to life as normal as soon as possible.

When all your items ready, your Super Restoration team will return all restored, cleaned, or stored contents to your property… in their original positions!

Team members exercise the same care in repacking, returning, unpacking, and re-placing your items as they did during the original “pack out” process. The team reviews all photographs from the pack-out and places the contents back into their original positions, unless you specify otherwise.

*During your claim, it may be clear that some contents have been damaged beyond a salvageable state. Any items that will not benefit from our restoration process are documented as “unsalvageable” and photographed.

Your Super Restoration team will judiciously determine which contents need be restored, and which ones are non-impacted or non-salvageable. Their knowledge and experience prevents you from being unable to access unaffected items while they are being unnecessarily “restored.” Ensuring only impacted items are cleaned also keeps you from being overcharged for needless services.

Your costs are also limited by the early determination of unsalvageable items. It is difficult to hear that an important item or family heirloom has been destroyed beyond repair. You may want someone to “try” to restore these items anyway. Super Restoration professionals have the knowledge and experience to know when this would only be a waste of your money, offering only false hope.

In these difficult times, your Super Restoration team acts with compassion to help you accept the loss. As painful as this experience is, you will appreciate knowing your team was protecting you during an emotionally vulnerable time.

Pack out
The Super Restoration Inventory pack out offers you the same level of comfort as if you had done the packing yourself, but provides benefits beyond what you could do alone. Each item is inventoried, photographed and protected for shipping to our facility.

More importantly, this process is completed by skilled team members who know how to avoid cross contamination or further damage to your belongings. Some damage cannot be seen by the untrained eye, but the Super Restoration specialists are able to determine – and avoid – potential damage you would otherwise miss.

Your belongings are important to you. Our certified technicians will document the restoration process and submit progress photos during the cleaning process so you can always see for yourself that your items are in good hands.

Your online client file allows you to review the whole restoration process at any time. If you have questions or concerns, your Dedicated Project Coordinator is only an email or phone call away.

When restoration is complete, your team will schedule a time to return your items. No need for you to unpack… the Super Restoration team will return contents to their original positions, or wherever you determine they should be placed instead.

When the team drives away at the end of the project, you will feel a sense of relief having your life back to normal.