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Super Restoration’s expert staff provides independent consulting services related to the emergency, disaster and environmental fields. The Super Restoration team provides superior large-loss property consulting services throughout the nation.

Our rigorously trained professionals have developed an impressive résumé of business for insurance providers and commercial clients. If you are in Disaster_Recovery_Planning_Floridaneed of restoration consultation services in the United States or the Caribbean, a simple phone call will put you on the fast track to a successful project outcome.

When you dial 800-516-8059, you ensure the most ethical and cost effective approach for your project. You set yourself on the path to exceeding your project expectations.



For over 30 years, the Super Restoration team has built a reputation of integrity, quality, and value. When you need a team you can trust, rely on Super Restoration. We stand by the validity of every estimate and every schedule, even on the largest of projects.

Restoration_jobs_miamiThe Super Restoration reputation does not stand alone however. It is also backed by our partnership with contractors through the United States. This partnership allows us to immediately deploy an unparalleled network of resources to ensure your project’s ultimate success. Super Restoration shares the values of accountability, professionalism, quality, and results.


A call to 800-516-8059 connects you to your own Super Restoration team you know you can trust.


Available Project Assistance

When you need a second opinion and an independent perspective of an upcoming or ongoing project, you can count on Super Restoration for all your needs. Whether it’s a single family home or a large set of commercial buildings, our knowledgeable staff stands ready to assist.

Your trained and experienced Super Restoration team provides you with assistance in:

  • Remediation protocols,
  • HVAC and humidity control,
  • Construction drying and desiccant climate control,
  • Cross contamination prevention,Disaster_Experts_Miami
  • Moisture surveys and infrared assessments,
  • Building envelope inspections,
  • Flood damage mitigation,
  • Water damage restoration,
  • Odor control and removal,
  • Insurance claim estimating,
  • Peer review estimating, and
  • Comparative analysis.

Your Super Restoration team is also available for

  • Pre-planning,
  • Protocol development,
  • Project management, and
  • Project supervision.

You want project transparency, project communication and advisory assistance. Your Super Restoration team provides all that, and more… on time and at a reasonable price.



Super Restoration provides large-loss consulting services for all types of clients. Our services are available to anyone anywhere in the US or the Caribbean. We have already helped clients in all of the following fields, and we can help you too.

  • Commercial
  • Contractors
  • Education
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Insurance Agents/Adjusters
  • Multi-Family/Condos
  • Residential
  • Retail

No job is too big… or too small. Call 800-516-8059 today to schedule your initial no-obligation appointment. Project success is at your fingertips.