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Company Values


TEAMWORK: SUPER RESTORATION’s success depends on teamwork. Like a well-oiled machine or an undefeated football team, every Super Restoration team member knows their role. Each one is vital in making the restoration process as smooth and speedy as possible.

Each person is an equally valuable member of the team, whether an employee, a supervisor, or an owner. When Seconds Matter SM, each team member pulls together to achieve the ultimate goal: restoration of the client’s property and belongings as fully and quickly as possible.CAM_CE_Course_Miami_Broward

When the team drives away from the site the final time, there is a deep satisfaction in knowing we have earned another win. Knowing the client has their home back to normal – or their business up and running again – is just the beginning.

The sense of camaraderie from all pulling together for someone in our community… it is a source of pride each team member shares. Having provided the highest quality service available at a reasonable price and with lightning speed, each team member enjoys a sense of achievement only the best teams experience. And when we rest our heads on our pillows at the end of each day, we find fulfillment in knowing we have prevented our client from experiencing future problems from their unexpected disaster.


QUALITY PEOPLE: SUPER RESTORATION only employs quality people. Through quality people we provide excellent service. The have two basic characteristics:

  • Quality employees are technically qualified in a variety of areas.
    • Sales – The focus of each quality employee is to provide the client with the products and services best suited to their needs. It is not enough to know what the client needs if we are not willing to share it with them and explain how they would benefit from what we offer. It is never a goal to force on someone a service they do not need, but to know both the client’s needs and the Super Restoration products and services to benefit each client individually.
    • Leadership – Virtually every team member needs to display leadership skills at some point, even if they never serve in a supervisory or Disaster_Recovery_Expertsmanagement position. No two situations are the same, so it is important every employee has the knowledge and skill to be able to make decisions and guide others in a variety of circumstances.
    • Management – Being able to manage yourself, as well as project outcomes and other team members, will allow you to grow and become an increasingly valuable member of the Super Restoration team.
    • Production – Super Restoration takes great pride in all of its employees being well-trained, highly qualified experts in the field. Your production skills are the foundation of our success. These skills are how we deliver on our promises to each client, every time.
  • Quality employees are loyal, honest, team players.

We never settle for second best in these characteristics.


EXCELLENT SERVICE: Service is the business of SUPER RESTORATION. Our product is restoration, but our business is service.

Our dedication to excellent service is reflected in our company name—Super Restoration. Commitment to excellent service drives every job. Each SUPER RESTORATION employee determines their customers’ needs, and tailors their efforts to satisfy those needs.

SUPER RESTORATION defines excellent service as going beyond basic customer satisfaction. Every employee treats every customer as if they were the only customer.

FAIRNESS: To SUPER RESTORATION, fairness means a total commitment to the highest personal and professional standards. Fairness in dealing with customers, employees and fellow workers is fundamental to developing trust and self-respect. The Golden Rule guides every one of our actions.

Violation of the basic standards of honesty, fairness and ethical behavior invariably ends up compromising our company. A good Restoration_Proffesionals_Browardreputation that has taken years to develop could be seriously damaged by unfair, unethical actions. Integrity is fundamental to our success.

MUTUAL RESPECT: Respect means holding another person in high esteem. Each Super Restoration employee is on the team because they are worthy of respect not only as an individual, but as a highly qualified professional.

Relationships and interactions between co-workers, supervisors, and subordinates must always reflect mutual respect. For respect to be mutual, it must be given and received in equal amounts. As members of the Super Restoration team, we show each individual equal respect at all times… regardless of race, ethnic background, gender, age, religion, or even simple differences of opinion.

Diligently following the principles expressed in the SUPER RESTORATION mission statement ensures the continued growth and success of our company and the success of every individual in the company. To learn more or to complete an application for employment, visit our Careers page at http://www.superrestoration.com/careers/.