Can Wet Carpets Be Saved?

Posted: 08/16/10

In the case of a flood or other emergency, many property owners wonder if their carpets can survive the damage. When a carpet gets very wet, the water or other liquid will seep into the pad that is under the carpet. If the water sits in the pad for too long or takes too long to dry, the carpet pad can mold and give off unpleasant odors.

In the case that the carpet pad has been allowed to mold, the carpet will have to be removed and the either the pad or the carpet and the pad will have to be replaced. A company that specializes in carpet restoration will be able to determine whether the carpet is salvageable or what the best restorative option will be. Unfortunately, in most cases after a flooding, the carpet pad will need to be removed, even if the carpet can be restored.

If the carpet has not been visibly damaged, it may be possible to restore the carpet. If the pad needs to replaced, the carpet will need to be removed from the area and thoroughly cleaned. The floor underneath the padding will also need to be cleaned, disinfected, and allowed to dry. If the flooding only affected a very small area, this may be able to be done alone. However, if a large area was affected, a professional will most likely be needed to complete the job.

When restoring the carpet, the most important thing is to make sure that the carpets are allowed to dry properly. If possible, the carpet should not be placed onto the dry carpet pad until it is completely dry. The carpets should be allowed to dry either outside or in a well ventilated area. If the carpets must be dried inside the property, they can be dried using a wet-dry vac. This machine will suck up the water that is soaking the carpet fibers and help speed up the drying process. Fans should then be placed inside the room and windows should be left open if the conditions permit. While wet carpets may be difficult to save, it is possible if the conditions are right and if done by a knowledgeable and experienced individual.

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