Super Restoration and First Service Brands

Posted Jun 14 2018

Super Restoration and First Service Brands Announce Partnership and Expansion Plans Miami, Florida, Release: June 18, 2018. For Immediate Release Super Restoration and First Service Brands have officially announced a unique partnership of their business operations. This integration partnership further augments Super Restoration’s ability to respond quickly and competently to property emergency services in South…

Water Damage and How to Repair Different Types of Flooring

Posted Apr 18 2018

Water damage can cause a number of flooring problems for property owners. Some of the top concerns to consider include, how to get rid of subsequent carpet odor, mold growth in the carpet, how to repair laminate flooring water damage and how to fix water damaged hardwood floors. These are all common issues that can…

Water Damage and Filing Claims with Homeowners Insurance

Posted Apr 02 2018

Property owners can benefit from understanding how to use homeowners insurance to cover residential water damage. Along with understanding how to get the insurer to pay for the damages, property owners should also know how to actually file the homeowners claim for the damages. For those who don’t own a home, it still helps to…

Emergency Response to Disasters

Posted Feb 28 2018

With hurricane season having started June 1, in Florida each year, residents should know where to turn when these emergencies occur. In Florida, the Division of Emergency Management is tasked with planning for and responding to natural and man made disasters. The DEM also heads the recovery and additional efforts made to avoid future disasters….

Climate Control Using Desiccant Dehumidification

Posted Feb 09 2018

Desiccant dehumidifiers are one of the most effective ways of removing moisture from the air within industrial environments and commercial buildings. This climate control technology is implemented through a variety of applications in nearly two dozen major industries. The desiccant material or chemical used in these dehumidifiers easily attracts and contains water vapors. Desiccant dehumidification…

Managing Different Types of Water Damage

Posted Jan 18 2018

Property owners in coastal regions often encounter extraordinary amounts of water damage at different points during the year. In a matter of days, the record-setting hurricane season of 2017 inflicted damage of various proportions to property owners across Florida. However, there are a number of unrelated causes of water damage property owners still have to…

2018 Trends to Watch in the Restoration Industry

Posted Jan 08 2018

Anticipating and watching for the future trends to develop in the restoration industry could prove to be a very lucrative endeavor. A new generation of millennial workers and innovative apps are helping improve mobility and efficiency for restoration and remediation companies right now. Some of the leading factors shaping the restoration industry in 2018 include…

Why Crime Scene and Biohazard Cleanup is More Intense

Posted Dec 27 2017

  Crime scene and biohazard cleanup are intense tasks that require the care and expertise of a certified restoration specialist. This is demanding and challenging work that is not suited for just anyone to take on. Cleanup for these types of scenes often results in working long and unpredictable hours. The restoration of these potentially…

Understanding Assignment of Benefits and Hurricane Recovery

Posted Dec 13 2017

There are a number of reports out there warning property owners to be cautious of the Assignment of Benefits agreement they may be offered after filing a claim for hurricane damage. Reports claim consumers could be substantially overcharged if they sign the AOB with an unsavory contractor or restorer. Once consent is provided, these agreements…

Mold in Mechanical Chases: Causes, Concerns, Remediation

Posted Oct 06 2017

It’s often beneficial for property owners and managers to be knowledgeable about the causes, concerns, and remediation associated with mold growth developing in mechanical chases. Mechanical chases are the large openings in the attic plane that allow ducts, pipes or wire bunches to pass from the living space into the attic area. Mold growth indoors…