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 Biohazards: life safety and property dangers

A biohazard problem can destroy your life or your business.

  • HIV/AIDS, Anthrax, and Ebola are all life-threatening, and are a few of the potential outcomes of improperly treated Biohazards.
  • Salmonella, coli, and pinworms can result from Sewage Backups not properly cleaned.
  • Living or working in a former Meth Lab can be equally dangerous, threatening both life and property.
  • Clean up of Blood borne Pathogens may be necessary after an accident or crime resulting in serious injury.
  • Crime Scenes have their own unique set of clean up problems. Not to mention the emotional distress of reliving everything over and over as you try to erase the damage… and your bad memories.
  • Even something as simple as Animal Odors can weaken – or even put an end to – your business. You may offer the best product in your industry, but if your customers or employees cannot stomach the smell of your property, you’re through.
  • Leave Vandalism unaddressed and you invite more vandalism, aswell as discourage customers from visiting your location.

bio_clean_up_BrowardAre you prepared to address the challenges of each of these situations? If not, and you try to clean them up on your own, you could unknowingly cause more damage.

At best, you may temporarily cover up a problem that will reoccur. At worst, you could increase the damage, wasting both time and money in the long run, and increasing Biohazard exposure.

Such exposure can affect you, your family, your employees, or your customers.


Biohazard Services

The great news is that Super Restoration is prepared for each and every one of these challenges.

When the unexpected or unpleasant occurs, you can count on Super Restoration. No one ever plans to need a restoration service, which is why Super Restoration is ready 24 hours a day with trained and certified technicians for a variety of Biohazard concerns.

Super Restoration has experience working in residential and commercial properties that require Biohazard services. Trained crews are prepared to assist everyone involved with compassion and empathy. Super Restoration is the trusted name to restore Biohazard and affected areas to a safe, non-hazardous state with professionalism and discretion.


Sewage Backups

Exposure to sewage or sewage contaminated water can lead to any of the diseases or parasites listed below.

  • Campylobacteriosis
  • Cryptosporidiosis01818
  • Escherichia coli Diarrhea ( coli)
  • Encephalitis
  • Enteroviruses
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Giardiasis
  • Hepatitis A
  • Leptospirosis
  • Methemoglobinemia
  • Pinworms
  • Poliomyelitis
  • Salmonellosis
  • Shigellosis
  • Paratyphoid Fever
  • Typhoid Fever
  • Yersiniosis

These can be merely uncomfortable, or they can create some very serious complications. Those affected may suffer a variety of problems, including body aches, chills, constipation, convulsions, cough, cramps, diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, disorientation, fever, jaundice, joint pain, kidney damage, liver failure, muscles weakness, paralysis, sore throat, stomach rash, vomiting, weakness, and even death.

Clearly, this is not what you want for your family, your customers, or yourself.

Backups of “dirty or contaminated water” are not treated in the same fashion as “clean “or sanitary water. Sewage backups are always considered contaminated and must be handled in a detailed manner to ensure full and proper treatment of all impacted services.

In addition, contaminated water (such as sewage water) contains the proper nutrients to foster mold growth under the right conditions. Super Restoration is prepared to respond quickly, and properly remove/dispose of affected materials and finally clean, sanitize and disinfect remaining surfaces.


Methamphetamine Labs

For many property owners, specifically those with tenants, the responsibility of cleaning up Methamphetamine labs falls to the owner of the property rather than those who created it.

“Abandoned meth labs are basically time bombs, waiting for the single spark that can ignite the contents of the lab,” cautions from the Forest Service. “Simply put, meth kills.”

Super Restoration is trained and equipped to safely clean a former meth lab, so you can confidently return to your home or business. Instead of lingering doubts about residual toxins or combustibles, all you are left with is peace of mind.

Cleaning a former meth lab requires adherence to a series of laws and procedures, all set in place to protect everyone who comes in contact with the property. Incomplete or improper cleaning can result in

  • poisoning from exposure to toxins,
  • long-term damage to the property,
  • complete destruction of the affected building(s),
  • fines, or
  • lawsuits

Super Restoration is intimately aware of the vast damage that can result from the chemicals, toxins and residues left behind from such crude operations. When restoring a structure previously used as a meth lab, your Super Restoration team meticulously abides by all federal, state and local guidelines. Your team properly cleans and sanitizes all surfaces in the home, along with all the remaining contents. When the cleanup is complete, you will be worry-free. You will return home to a safe and fully restored location.


Blood borne Pathogens

Where this blood, there is the potential for blood borne pathogens… dangerous microbes that can lead to HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, or Hepatitis C. And just because you don’t see blood doesn’t mean biohazard_clean_up_miamithe microbes aren’t there. These too-small-to-see organisms can be carried in all types of bodily fluids, whether or not you see blood.

Where there is blood or other bodily fluids, there are usually some pretty intense emotions too.

Super Restoration crews are trained to clean and properly dispose of bodily fluids, tissue and other potentially pathogenic substances. They understand the scene is not just “a mess to be cleaned,” but a painful reminder of a traumatic incident you would rather not remember.

Whether you need blood borne pathogen treatment as a result of an accident, trauma, crime or death, your Super Restoration team will serve you with both compassion and attention to detail. You will be treated kindly throughout the process, and with respect and understanding when your emotions get the best of you.

When your team is finished, you will be able to return to the location knowing you are safe from blood borne pathogens.


Crime Scene Residues

Crime scenes can seem overwhelming due to incident damages and post-incident police investigations.

With Super Restoration, you do not have to be overwhelmed. Simply dial 800-516-8059 to access Super Restoration’s 24-hour emergency services. A trained and experienced cleanup and decontamination team will deploy to remove fingerprint powder, evidence-gathering chemicals, and residues from tear gas or pepper spray.

Your Super Restoration team will clean and restore your property after a crime scene investigation. You return to your life with peace of mind.


Animal Odors

If odors are creating overtaking your property, Super Restoration is ready to help. We are the premier the choice for identifying and removing stubborn and offensive odors.

Our trained and certified technicians are the most experienced in odor removal for the most challenging odors, including spoiled food, human waste, and animal/waste odors. It is not as simple as using a deodorizing spray or disinfecting wipe.

Your Super Restoration odor removal team will find the source of the offensive smell. Once the source has been removed, the team uses the latest treatments not to cover up the odor, but eliminate it.

In addition, Super Restoration specializes in odors related to bat guano, cats, dogs, birds, and fish. Applications include commercial kitchens, residential homes, pet stores, commercial properties and hospitals.

Whatever is  causing your odor problem, your Super Restoration team is able to make your home smell fresh and new again.



Super Restoration offers debris cleanup and odor removal services for your most challenging and frustrating situations.

Vandalism services are available for both emergencies and non-emergencies.

  • Emergency board-up, preventing unauthorized access to your property.
  • Emergency cleanup, including broken glass, tiles, and furniture.
  • Graffiti removal.
  • Replacement of glass and doors.

Super Restoration can assist you with the insurance claims process, and work directly with your insurance carrier to coordinate payment for services rendered. We know you have your business to tend to, so we make dealing with vandalism as easy and painless as possible for you.


Why Super Restoration?

Super Restoration is the name most trusted to restore Biohazard affected areas to a safe, non-hazardous state in a professional and discreet manner. Whether you are a government agency, private or commercial business, or an individual homeowner, the Super Restoration team can help.

Restoring property is what we do. Restoring lives… memories… joy… peace of mind… is who we are.

Day or night your path to“better-than-before” is only a call away.