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When disaster strikes, you want to get back into your home and living your life again as soon as possible. You want to clean up and move on, so it is all just a bad memory. But what do you do? Where do you begin when you have just been overwhelmed by flood, fire, mold or other disaster?

You want answers fast, and you don’t want to pay an arm and leg. You don’t want to get “taken” by someone out to make a quick buck at your expense.

Super Restoration is here to assist. Anytime day or night, click the link above for a response within five minutes, or dial 800-516-8059 to be connected immediately.

Or keep reading for some background information without needing to talk to a soul until you are ready. 


What to do when you have experienced a disaster

  1. Schedule an appointment. When a natural disaster hits a community, restoration providers quickly become overwhelmed with requests. You want to schedule your appointment right away to minimize long-term damage to your home and to get your life back to normal as soon as possible.
  2. Ensure safety. Nothing in your home is more valuable than you and your family. Before taking any additional steps, always make sure the situation is safe. If in doubt, wait for a professional. You don’t want to fall through a floor that has been weakened by fire or flood, or to get sick from breathing in mold spores.
  3. Take steps to clean what you can and minimize damage. Click on the appropriate link for the disaster you have experienced (water, mold, fire) to learn what steps you can take to reduce damage while you wait for the restoration team to arrive.
  4. Take pictures. Although some people like to keep these as a reminder of a life experience they have overcome, there are more reasons than just emotional ones to have photos. A photo provides a reference point that shows the situation at its worst. For example, by the time your response team arrives, water may have receded. Any photos you may have can provide additional information for your team, and can be added to your case file.It is also an unfortunate truth that empty houses are sometimes targeted by thieves. Super Restoration will secure the affected area and provide an itemized inventory of the items in the affected area. Photographs can be additional documentation provided to your insurance company if any items come up missing between the time of the disaster and the time you are able to return to your home or restoration is complete.
  5. Contact your insurance company. Advise your insurance representative of the nature of the disaster, the restoration company you have chosen, the date and time of your appointment, and what steps you have taken to minimize damage.
  6. Relax. If possible, spend a few minutes relaxing. Do something enjoyable that will take your mind off the situation, knowing you have done all you can for the moment. You will have enough stress working through the restoration process, especially if you have to leave your home, so now is the time to give yourself space to breathe.


Why Super Restoration

Super Restoration is here to make the restoration process as quick and stress-free as possible. We realize that until your life is completely back to normal, there will be stress. So we make it our priority to focus on serving your needs quickly and completely.

Our exemplary restoration services have made us leaders in the disaster restoration industry. We handle any restoration task. From the cleanup to the disaster restoration process, you can rely on Super Restoration to get the job done right.

Not only is Super Restoration is an industry leader, but through Super University, we provide training for restoration professionals throughout Southeast Florida. So you can rest assured that when we restore your home, we address all the issues… even the ones you cannot see. We know the hidden damage that disasters can cause and we address them during your project, so you don’t have to deal with bigger problems later.

Living with the after effect of damage is difficult and oftentimes dangerous. Don’t risk the safety of your family. Let Super Restoration take care of the damage repair necessary, restoring your property to its former state.

We’re experienced in restoring damage caused by mold, fire, water, or other sources of natural disasters. Dial 800-516-8059 anytime for your free estimate.

When life throws you an unexpected curve ball, we’re available 24 hours a day to assist you. Don’t let a disaster ruin your home or harm your family.


Beyond Disaster

At Super Restoration, we’re focused on serving the community. In addition to the work we do, we are active in the community, donating to charities and giving back to our surrounding area. Learn more about Super Restoration and our involvement with the community here.